Youth Motivational Speaker

Youth Motivational Speaker

Hoan’s programs are perfect for:

– School assemblies
(I.e. Back to school, Red Ribbon Week, National GEAR UP Week, etc.)

– Student leadership training
(I.e. Retreats, lock ins, etc.)

– Student leadership conferences
(I.e. Student Council, DECA, FBLA,FFA, FCCLA, HOSA, Key Club, etc.)

– Summer leadership camps

Clients Include



[Motivation & Student Success]

Success is not about what a student knows, it is about what she or he chooses to do with what they know. As students continue to face challenging issues that include: succeeding academically, alcohol/drug use, peer pressure, and much more, Hoan shows students that their success is not determined by their age, background, or knowledge but rather by the decisions that they make each and every day

In this interact and inspiring speech, Hoan shows students:

– How to change their attitude during difficult times
– The importance of pursing their passions
– How to develop positive self esteem
– Why choosing the “right friends” is critical to their success
– How to deal with adversity
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“If you are considering having Hoan speak with your GEAR UP students, I would say definitely do it. You will be amazed with his ability to reach your kids and how they will connect with him.
“Spring Wessels
GEAR UP Site Coordinator
WSU GEAR UP: Dayton Middle/High School (Dayton,WA)


[Leadership Development]

Have you ever met a person who truly inspired you? Ever worked with a charismatic, dynamic and captivating person? Ever found yourself asking, “What makes that person different from everyone else?” In this inspiring program, Hoan shows students how to become outstanding leaders that make those around them better.

Students will learn:

– The 6 deliberate decisions that outstanding leader make
– One thing they can do on a consistent basis to avoid feeling overwhelmed
– Why it’s important to stop networking if they want to create meaningful relationships
– The importance of vulnerability
– Identify specific actions steps that one can take to improve one’s ability influence and lead

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Hoan’s message made our student’s think while also making them laugh. I appreciate Hoan’s professionalism, uplifting energy, and genuine desire to make a difference in our students’ lives.”
Judy Martinez
Assistant Principal
Rocori High School (Rocori)


[Goal Achievement]

Setting a goal is easy; it‘s accomplishing it that is difficult. Whether a student wants to ace a difficult class, increase involvement on campus, or getting into their dream college, this program provides practical strategies that they can apply immediately to help them achieve their your most important ambitions.

Students will learn:

– Understand the top five obstacles that prevent people from reaching their goals
– Discover a simple three step process that will help stack the odds in one’s favor to attain their aspirations.
– Gain clarity on one’s most important ambitions and begin creating a step-by-step plan to achieve them.

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“Hoan inspired our teens, engaged them, and was even able to interact with them despite us have a a very large group. If you are looking for a youth speaker that is going to connect with your audience, that is young and relevant, and able to get that energetic start or finish to your conference, than Hoan is the person for you.
Mark Mains
Extension Specialist
Kentucky 4-H