Succeeding in College and in Life

Transitioning from high school to college can be difficult. Moving away from home,
choosing a major, making new friends, adjusting to your newly found freedom….the
list is endless. This program will help your students to successfully acclimate to
their new environment and conquer college and life!

Students will discover:

  • How to choose the “right” major for you
  • The single factor that determines if you will struggle or excel in college
  • How to turn daily stress into future success

This program is perfect for Welcome Weeks and New Student Orientations

Lower Your Stress to Increase Your Success!

Being a successful student leader is stressful! Getting good grades, being involved
on campus, living on a budget, finding a job…the pressures that you face can be
overwhelming. Laugh and learn as Hoan Do shares simple yet profound ways on how
students can lower their stress, diffuse frustration and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Students will learn:

  • The three areas that one must focus on to lower one’s stress
  • One simple technique that will help students to diffuse frustration
  • What students need to do on a daily basis to avoid feeling overwhelmed

This program is great for Stress Awareness Month, Peer Educator Programs, and right before finals week

Becoming an OutSTANDing Student Leader

Have you ever met a person who truly inspired you? Ever worked with a charismatic,
dynamic and captivating person? Ever found yourself asking, “What makes that person
different from everyone else?” After studying OutSTANDing leaders like Oprah, Ghandi,
and Lady Gaga (Yes you read it right.. Lady Gaga!), Hoan Do will reveal the essential
elements that students need to focus on to become a STAND out leader that makes
others around them better.

By the end of this program, students will learn:

  • What separates an OutSTANDing leader from a marginal leader
  • How to bring the best out in others
  • How to create a lasting impact on your organization and school

This keynote is ideal for Leadership Conferences and Retreats

Succeeding in the Real World: What School WON’t Teach You

The unfortunate truth is college is nothing like the real world. For many, graduation means
assuming serious responsibilities, making difficult decisions, and clarifying a purpose and
direction in life. Hoan will share straight forward advice to help soon-to-be graduates to
succeed in the real world.

Students will learn:

  • What to expect and how to prepare for life after college
  • The #1 reason why few graduates thrive while most struggle to survive
  • How to create a clear plan of action to achieve your dreams
  • he keys on getting hired in today’s brutal economy

This program is perfect for a Lecture Series, Career Day, Career Week, and Career Month


Choosing to Succeed

Success is not about what you know, its about what you CHOOSE to do with what
you know. As students continue to face challenging issues ranging from
alcohol/drug use to peer pressure, Hoan shows them that their success is not
determined by their age, background, or knowledge but rather by the decisions
that they make each and every day.

In this inspiring and insightful speech, Hoan shows students:

  • How to change their attitude during challenging times
  • The importance of pursuing their passions
  • How to develop a postive self esteem
  • Why choosing the “right” friends is critical to their success
  • How to deal with adversity

Perfect for School Assemblies, Red Ribbon Week, and Student Leadership
Conferences like DECA, FBLA, BPA, FCCLA, 4H, FFA, Key Club, and HOSA

Adults and Educators

The Art of Connecting: How to Motivate, Influence, and Relate to Any Student

Your ability to connect with your students is the key to helping your leaders to helping
them to reach their full potential. Recognized as the best youth mentor by the
International Examiner, Hoan has worked with tens of thousands of students throughout the

In this program, advisors and educators will learn:

  • The number one reason that causes disconnect between an adult and their students
  • Why one method of motivation works for one student but not another
  • How to communicate in a way that will connect and get through to any student

This program is for staff training and professional conferences.