Washington Schools

“Hoan is not the traditional speaker”

Alexis, Jack, and Will, Senior Class Officers, Bellevue High School

“Students want to listen to what Hoan has to say”

Johanna Phillips, Student Activities Coordinator, Shorecrest High School

“Our students were listening to every word out of his mouth”

Bob Gatbunton, ASB Advisor, Giaudrone Middle School

“Hoan had a more personal approach than other motivational speakers…”

Cesar Hernandez, Gear Up Coordinator, White Swan HS & Mt. Adams MS

    “Hoan makes students feel valuable…”

Cindy Fudge, Gear Up Coordinator, John C Thomas Middle School

“Hoan has the ability to connect with the students and engage them…”

Efrain Quiroz, Gear Up Coordinator, Wapato High School