Leadership Speaker



“I love that he looks like he can be the students age but has the level of professionalism and depth that can make a difference to our students. You get a $15,000 speaker for a much more reasonable price.”

Belinda Han, Director for the Center of Advancement for Leadership, Utah Valley University

“He stayed after to speak with our students, not everyone is willing to do that…”

Michelle Buggs, Asst. Director of Intercultural Services, Texas Woman’s University

“Hoan meets students where they are…”

  Justin Sharp, Hall Director, College of the Ozarks

“He reaches everybody some how some way, faculty, staff, students…”

Michael Hull, 1st Year Engagement Specialist & Kathy Burns, Director of Student Life               Bristol Community College

“He is very thorough in understanding your goals & tailoring his message…”

Kristen Hopkins, Director for the Center for Prof. Development, UNC Charlotte