Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

 I empower people to overcome their adversities by sharing practical strategies to develop resilience and mental strength.

Developing Resilient Students

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About Hoan

Hoan Do is an award-winning inspirational speaker, author of Succeeding in the Real World, and city finalist in NBC’s hit show American Ninja Warrior.


Hoan’s engaging style and ability to share important life lessons in a way that resonates with people has earned him the Verizon Wireless Motivator Award.

Raving clients Include

“Our biggest setbacks in life can provide us with the learning lessons to create our biggest comebacks in life.”

Overcoming adversities in life has allowed Hoan to connect with others in a powerful way. Hoan travels the world sharing messages of hope and inspiration. Through partnering with organizations, colleges, and schools, Hoan’s practical strategies has impacted over 250,000 professionals and students.