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Places Hoan has spoken at

National Center for Student Leadership Conference
AFLV Central Fraternal Leadership Conference
FBLA National Fall Leadership Conference
BACCHUS Area 12 Spring Conference
APCA Student LIfe Advisers Institute
NACA National Convention
NASC National Conference
George Washington University
University of British Columbia
Pepperdine University
Kentucky 4-H
250+ Organizations, Colleges, and High Schools

“He had the crowd engaged and laughing”

“Hoan was inspiring and very entertaining. Throughout his entire keynote, he had the crowd engaged and laughing. In his message he shared practical advice that would help students to succeed in school and in their lives. If you want to motivate your students to become better leaders, to be more involved on campus, and to have an event or conference that students will remember for the rest of their college experience, then I would recommend that bring Hoan to your campus.”

Joan Lucy, Director of the Leadership Certificate Program, Sweet Briar College

“Hoan has a unique ability to connect with students”

“What I enjoyed most about Hoan’s message was that he shared important life lessons in a way that students could easily relate to. He also helped them to see challenges not as problems but as opportunities to grow and develop their character. Out of all of the speakers that I have heard, what makes Hoan unique is his ability to connect with the students. The common feedback that I heard from students was that Hoan was genuine, relatable, and truly understood wha tstudents are going through.”

Bruce August, Jr. Coordinator of Cultural Events & Programs, The University of Texas at Dallas

“I cannot recommend him enough!”

“Hoan worked with our student leaders at your annual retreat and I cannot recommend him enough! He helped our student leaders to improve their interpersonal skills, showed them how to build genuine connections with others, and showed us why it is important to stop networking and to learn how to start connecting.”

Nick Barbati, Asst. Director for Activities and Student Engagement, Rider University

“Our students rushed down to connect with him”

“Hoan captured our student’s attention from the very beginning and had them engaged and laughing until the very end. After he finished speaking, our students rushed down to connect with him. You can tell that Hoan genuinely cares for students because he stayed after to shake hands and connect with every student. If you have never had the chance to have Hoan speak at your school, I would highly recommend that you do. You students will thank you for it later.”

Cesar Hernandez, Gear Up Coordinator, White Swan High School and Mt. Adams Middle School

See what students are saying about Hoan

“Students connect with you”

“You are inspirational and insightful. Your message shares important life fun and
engaging way where young people can relate. When you speak, students connect with
you because they can see that you genuinely care.”

Meg, Student Athlete, University of Great Falls

“I took your advice.. Two months later I landed my dream job”

“At the beginning of my senior year, I was stressed out about finding a job after
college. After speaking with you during my 1st semester, I took your advice and
applied it. Two months later, I landed my dream job at GE’s prestigious Financial
Management Program!”

Nikhil, Student, Pepperdine University

“You helped me to see that I can solve any problem”

“Before I heard Hoan speak, I kind of shied away from challenges. Hoan taught me believe in myself. He has helped me to see that I have the ability to solve any problem that comes my way.”

Jansen, Student, Burlington Edison High School

“You opened my eyes to another world of possibilites”

“Thank you for opening my eyes to another world of possibilities. I would not have
thought that going out of my comfort zone could change me so much if I had not
heard you speak.”

Roseanne, Student, Nathan Hale High School