Lower Your Stress by Controlling Your P.M.S.

We all have P.M.S. Yes, men, we have it too!

P.M.S. is your Physical, Mental, and Spiritual health. We all experience stress in our lives, overwhelm, busy social, home, and work lives. It can be a lot to balance everything and it is important to implement self-care so we don’t burn out. If you want to lower your stress, you must focus on it. Avoiding it will only cause more stress, frustration, and overwhelm. If you want to lower your stress, you must learn how to take care of your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Physical health Exercise helps decrease the cortisol levels in your body because when you move, you change the way you feel. Simple actions like going for a short walk during break or working at a standing desk will change how you feel.

Mental health reflects our thoughts, emotions, state of mind. Often when we are stressed, negative thoughts and self-talk are like weeds in a garden. They will grow without any effort. It’s important remove them and nurture empowering thoughts. A simple way to do this is during challenging and stressful moments, be honest with yourself and acknowledge how you feel, then ask, “What can I learn from this experience? How will this experience help me to grow?” Notice if you are pushing too hard and running on empty or if you are recharging yourself so that you refuel. Don’t forget to make time to do things that you enjoy, and make sure that you have the right support in your life, whether it’s a mentor, therapist, close friends, or someone you can rely on and confide in.

Spiritual health is an inner commitment to take care of yourself. Take the time to connect with the things that give you inspiration, hope, support, and courage. Doing this will refuel you and help you stay grounded when times get tough. It will give you courage and strength you build more confidence in yourself and give you the motivation to pursue your goals, especially in challenging times. It’s so easy to feel guilty when taking care of oneself but it helps to keep in mind that it’s difficult to give 100% of yourself when you are only running on 3%. Carve out time each day to recharge of mind, heart, and soul.

All three of these impact each other, therefore, maintaining a spiritual practice and staying active is a great stress release that will help your physical well-being, increase your better mood or pump you up for a challenge you have to face, and you keep your mind in a better state. 

About Hoan

Hoan Do is an award-winning inspirational speaker, author of Creating Momentum in Your Life, and city finalist in NBC’s hit show American Ninja Warrior. Overcoming adversities in life has allowed Hoan to connect with others in a powerful way. Hoan travels the world sharing messages of hope and inspiration. 

Through partnering with organizations, colleges, and schools, Hoan’s practical strategies have impacted over 250,000 professionals and students. He has been featured on Good Morning America, NBC, Yahoo Finance, The Chicago Tribune, and Lay’s chip bags nationwide. The Seattle Magazine recognized Hoan as one of the top 25 influential people in Seattle. His engaging style and ability to share important life lessons in a way that people resonate with has earned him the Verizon Wireless Motivator Award.

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